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Viche 2014 5

5, 2014

Painting is my future profession, staff of my life...

Taras Shevchenko created more than 1200 different artistic works (835 of them were saved)

Taras Shevchenko was bought from captivity as an artist (it happened on April, 22, 1838). His poems, in particular, ballad Causal, were known, the attitude toward them was favourable, and they did not argue with the author when he called the lines etudes, tests of peer, and even student's exercises. In poetries nobody caught the genius origin, but all valued the painting talent.

On the whole the inheritance of Shevchenkopainter is over 1200 various artistic works (835 of them were saved). The last was Portrait of architect Gornostaiev, and the first one is a portrait of girl Oksana Kovalenko, what Taras, being in love with her, drew with a stick on eternal sands near native Kyrylivka.