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Viche 2014 1

1, 2014

Senza fiori diagnosis

When at all possible speaker's stands the opposition and the government crushingly criticize each other, the citizens are hardened to such discussion: the statements about the catastrophic state of the domestic economy or about incredible incompetence of the current or past government leaders are being perceived as a familiar form of the modern political dialog and practically do not cause any emotions of the audience. The constant forecasts of default, announced billions of lost or short received funds or daily forecasts about a sharp increase of the dollar exchange are able to provoke only easy smile.
It is another case, when the issues of economic security of the state are being the subject of the realistic analysis of the competent politicians and experts who think about cameras the least. The reviewer of Viche became the witness of one of these honest discussions on Economic security of Ukraine. Threats, risks and its prevention held by the Committee on national security and defense of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.