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Viche 2006 №18

№18, 2006

Fifteenth – on yours marks!

The Verkhovna Rada confirmed the coalition government, owning to the votes of 269 national deputies. Victor Yanukovych, in spite of the ancient truth, that it is impossible to go in the same water twice, became the Prime-Minister for the second time. And already at the first meeting of the government declared categorically: we will not bring to shame our predecessors!

That’s right! There are no new people in the Cabinet of Ministers, except Volodymyr Rybak, Anatoliy Holovka, Vasyl Dzhart, Volodymyr Makukha and Mykola Rudkovskyi, the others have already worked in the government in their time. The analysis gives evidence of that in the new government of national unity there are 8 ministers (the Prime-Minister, in particular) – from the government of Victor Yanukovych, 9 – from the Cabinet of Ministers of Yuriy Yekhanurov, 6 – from the government of Yuliya Tumpshenko.

Political scientists and MASS-MEDIA compare such composition of governmental coalition with the detonating mixture. Time and practical steps of the Cabinet of Ministers, its willingness to collaborate effectively with the President and the Verkhovna Rada will show whether it is so or not.