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Viche 2006 №18

№18, 2006

Threw a petty man into a political storm, flung on the philosophical shore...

Do you love social society?Political scientist with a talent of Fransuaza Sagan would write a lyric assay on this subject. He would select an appropriate character - an ordinary man that do not put metaphysical questions. That lives in society as fish in the aquarium, finds the life coordinates according to the conception of the good and evil and by own senses - it is pleasing, but not very much. He loves his neighbour to the extent of his mental powers. He remembers and honours the law and the birthdays of his friends. In short he would use all arsenal of usual things, peculiar to every person. He would say that commonnes - is a good thing!

And what now? The power has really become public, as well as the opposition.Its the right time to clap one's political hands.The society structuring took place. Every citizen knows a political force which he certainty can call his own.Which he supports, becomes indignant over it, he demands decision or moderation from it. A clear connection between social groups and political parties has formed. Viva! It seems that now a social life will be without extremes. Certainly with governmental crises, scandals, it may not be very smooth but according to democratic rules of the game it complies with a written law. It is a dream of a book soul. Amen!

I can hardly believe that the actual structuring - is amen. Most likely halleluiah. As in the previous paragraph, among the words about the structuring, connection between social groups and parties, democratic rules of the game there is no mentioning about a simple thing - a political responsibility. Last parliamentary election - is the first act of the tragedy under the name "Political irresponsibility with the corruption". The logic is very simple: now every citizen may say: politician X - is a donkey, but it is my donkey. Gentleman, it is a structuring and the political responsibility.