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Viche 2011 №18

№18, 2011

Forum of rectors of pedagogical universities of Europe

Civilization advancement in the countries of European space gathers unprecedented pace. Innovative strategies of development and modernization of production, multicultural spheres etc. form general philosophy on the principles of humanism, justice and freedom. At the same time the unifying processes in the territory of Europe need a new personality who will be able to perceive other cultures and collaboration. This task is laid, in particular, on the shoulder of a teacher who has to prepare a future man on a new value platform of tolerance and mercy, solidary and artistic principles, democracy and right. Exactly a teacher forms that spiritual basis on which the pedagogical process must be carried out in all countries of Europe.

On September, 15, 2011 at the National Mykhaylo Drahomanov Pedagogical University the first forum of rectors of pedagogical universities of Europe “Problem of training of a new teacher for the united Europe of the XXI century” gathered two dozens of heads of European educational establishments from 11 countries (Germany, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia etc.) and over 50 their colleagues in Ukraine. This event was not deprived of the attention of national deputies of Ukraine, statesmen, representatives of public of Kyiv and research workers.