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Viche 2006 13

13, 2006

Gamma-knife could save 1500 people annually!

The allukrainian public organization Ukrainian association of parliamentary journalists spread the appeal to MASS-MEDIA about participation in a charitable action that deals with collection of means for the purchase of the apparatus gamma-knife. According to official returns of specialists-physicians, annually 5-6 thousand Ukrainians need operation that deals with the ablation of brain-growths, one and a half thousand people die exactly because of the impossibility to overcome the illness. In such a way, 38 million hryvnas and thousand human lives are on the bowls of scales.

Be we all healthy and happy!
Dear readers of periodical Viche!
Nobody is insured against anything in our life.
Lets make our personal investment to the common good affair!
Even if you personally do not take national medicine into account and you have the possibility in case, may God never let it, of necessities to pay the treatment abroad (and this approximately, as people say, 15-16 thousand euro), take pity on sufferings of your compatriots for whom these sums seem to be transcendental.
Be we all healthy and happy!

.S. The journalists of Viche have remitted a one-day earning of the editorial stuff on the purchase of gamma-knife.

Money can be remitted on
the account 35226009000051
Bank MST in Kyiv
IFO 820019 enterprise code 6561020/2
SSREOI: 02011930

Recipient: the Institute of neurosurgery named after A. P. Romodanov of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. For the purchase of the apparatus gamma-knife.

Usually, taking part in such actions, artists use the eloquent images as logotypes. Yevheniya Hapchynska, known for wonderful illustrations to child's books, followed the atypical way, depicting a simple girl with a simple bear in hands. The thing that the symbol of Czech action of money collection for gamma-knife was also a bear turned out to be just a successful coincidence.