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Viche 2009 №15

№15, 2009

German aurochs in settled in Skolivsk Beskids

Since 1965 in Lviv in the state hunting growing «Area» to proceed in population of most representative of phytophagous beasts of our European continent – arches. Then left the first 10 zooms. Decades passed but arches, unfortunately, did not become usual on our walks of life. And today the Lviv regional management forest and hunting by international Fund of large phytophagous mammals (Holland) and Society of friends of arches (Poland) successfully began program of revival of subpopulation of arches in the mountain districts of area. The first 6 arches are left. A depchief told about it, main hunting specialist of the Lviv regional management of forest and hunting economy Vasyl Romanovich Burmas.