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Viche 2009 1

1, 2009

All Crises are Given to us so that we could Walk away from the Stereotypes of the Way of Thinking and Look for New Ways of Solving them Bogdan SHYBA, the City Chairman of Lutsk Convinces.

Bogdan Pavlovych, what did the municipal power manage to do for citizens of Lutsk in the housing sphere last year?


I consider the fact that we have realized actively the large and long-term program Roads to be one of our noticeable achievements. On the whole on the performance of works on repair and building of motorways in Lutsk about 30 million hryvnyas were spent from the beginning of 2008.


During the recession the reform of housing has begun in Lutsk, what are the main points of it?


- We decreeed and worked out the new program Basic directions of reformation of the control and maintenance of housing fund of the city system in 20092011. The aim of the reform is to provide the balance of responsibility between the consumer, the customer and the provider of housing services. For this purpose we will define the functions of the customer and the provider of services between different utilities. Consequently ineffective housing establishments will be eliminated and their functions will be passed to the newly created specialized utilities.