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Viche 2014 №1

Viche №1, 2014

Horses for people! And in particular for officials!

According to the eastern (Chinese) calendar the Year of dark blue wooden Horse will be from January, 31, 2014 to February, 18, 2015.

Romashka was ordered to live!

Last year at the end of October a request to save a horse named Romashka was published in the city social network “Sevastopol Viche”.

Who is on pedestal?

We were so excited about the symbol of this New Year so that we made the spontaneous rating of original horse monuments of the country. Besides each of them was awarded with each own nomination.

Let’s glorify a fiber – the vein of textile pulse!

These 90 authors from different corners of the country write their history with fibers which are the base of the textile universe. Fibers, in their turn, give birth to knots and interlacing which become the bases of linen.

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